FAQs: PPI Advice – PPI Claims Help & Reclaims Process Information

  • Can I make a PPI Claim if I am in arrears?

    Yes – however if your PPI complaint is successful the lender has the option to offset some of your mis-sold payment protection settlement to clear the arrears. If you are in arrears please contact us and we will explain how this works in more detail but we will submit a detailed Letter of Complaint to get back PPI charges.

  • What do I have to do to start my Claim?

    In essence very little – you can complete our Start Your Claim Form at the top of this page OR complete our simple Fact Find form that is available by download OR ask our Claims Team to post you a PPI Claims Pack and stamped, self-addressed envelope. We need basic details of your circumstances at the point of the PPI sale and we will assess your complaint to get back PPI charges. If we believe you have merit to your claim we will draft a Letter of Complaint to your provider/lender to get payment protection refunds. Your claim will be assigned to a Claim Handler who will be available to you throughout your claim.

  • Will this action affect my credit rating?

    No – submitting a complaint to reclaim back paid PPI premiums and interest will not affect your credit rating whatsoever.

  • Can I claim if the PPI is more than 6 years old?

    Yes – but only if you have the Loan agreement number or the Credit Card number and or the documentation covering the Loan or Credit card.

  • How much do you charge for your service?

    We operate on a NO WIN NO FEE* basis. Our service fee is charged when your PPI complaint is upheld and you receive reimbursement of paid PPI premiums and historical interest. You will never be charged an upfront fee for missold PPI. Once we have secured a PPI refund of all paid PPI premiums plus interest (PPI redress) we will request an additional 8% simple interest as compensation on the total PPI redress amount and we will apply our service fee of 25% of the total settlement amount plus VAT. Our invoice is due only after you have received your settlement monies from your opponent.

    * The only occasion where charges would apply is if the contract in cancelled by the client after the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period when the work has been carried out by PPR in accordance with the terms of our agreement. The amount charged will be calculated, taking into account the volume of work already completed and will include costs associated with marketing, stationery and staffing expenses up to and including the full cost of a successful claim. For example a contract cancelled when all preparatory work has been done and a response awaited from the Provider will be charged at the full amount of 25% +VAT of the expected or agreed amount.

    Our fee is charged on a successful claim on the total amount of refund obtained. This also applies where an account is in arrears. the amount taken to repay arrears would be charged at 25% + VAT of the amount.

  • Are you a regulated claims management company?

    Regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities. Our authorisation number is CRM3455 and you can search for us on the MOJ website http://www.justice.gov.uk/about/cmr.htm. Part of our claims management service is to process claims for mis-sold PPI.

  • Can I claim for closed accounts and completed loans?

    Yes you can – some lenders will review PPI sales going back to the 90’s if they still have records of the agreement. When we submit your PPI complaint lender/providers are obligated to look at ALL the agreements you have had with them even if the account is closed. Some lenders/providers can opt to purge their records after there has been no activity on the account for more than six years and therefore can not be expected to investigate a complaint. However, if your lender/provider has purged its records you may still be able to submit a claim that has been closed for over 6 years if you have retained copies of documentation relating to the PPI sale.

  • How long will the claim take?

    The Regulations state that providers have 8 weeks from the date of receiving your PPI Complaint to investigate your allegations and provide at least an initial response. Due to recent legislative changes some lenders have been granted extensions by the FSA due to back-logs, however we should be in a position to update you around week 8. In reality, some lenders/providers are quicker to finalise matters than others.

  • I don’t think I have the paperwork anymore does that mean you can’t help me?

    Not at all – the only basic requirement is that we will need the lender/provider details i.e. bank name and the agreement/account number for at least one agreement you have had with them. Under the new Financial Services Authority Dispute Rules your lender is obligated to look at ALL agreements you have with them that have a linked PPI policy.

  • How do I get PPI compensation?

    If you have a Loan, Credit Card, Store Card, Mortgage, Car Loan or even a Catalogue account with a linked Payment Protection Insurance Policy and your lender did not fully explain to you the restrictions, conditions, exclusions, benefits, term, cost and cancellation rights you may well have a valid PPI Claim and get back PPI. The easiest way to find out if you have a claim for PPI compensation is to complete our online Claim Form or give us a call on free phone 0161 667 4924