How it Works

PPI Complaint Process

  1. Once we receive your completed PPI Claims Pack, we will validate your PPI claim by checking all the points on your Fact Find document.
  2. If there are any points that are not clear on your documents, we will then contact you by email or telephone to discuss the details of your PPI claim to get a PPI refund.
  3. We will submit a claim to a lender/provider for ALL AGREEMENTS you have had with them where you were sold PPI to get PPI refund.
  4. Once we are happy that your claim has merit your file will be submitted to our Claims Team who will process your Complaint and handle the claim to final settlement.
  5. We will either update you by post, email or telephone – please feel free to contact us at any time
  6. You will then receive a final response from the lender/provider with a proposal for settlement or decline for mis sold payment protection insurance
  7. When our Claims Team are satisfied the settlement is in line with the Financial Services Authority guidelines we will contact you to discuss settlement for mis sold PPI.
  8. We will expect you to receive a proposal for settlement for reimbursement of paid PPI premiums plus historical interest; we will also request compensatory interest paid at 8%* on the total settlement amount
  9. If you are happy with the settlement figure offered we would process your settlement acceptance and arrange for payment to you.

Please note your PPI Refund payment may be sent direct to you. Once we know you have been paid your PPI Refund we will then send you an invoice for our fee which is of 25% of the total settlement figure plus VAT.

* The 8% compensatory interest will be subject to tax – it will be your responsibility to declare the windfall.

¬†Question’s and Answers

Check out our FAQ’s for more info.