Payment Protection Insurance Refunds

Are you due a PPI Refund?

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) policies were designed to cover the cost of loan repayments in the event
that you were off sick or became unemployed. They were mainly taken out with loans, mortgages and credit cards.

The major problem with PPI is that most people who were sold the policy didn’t really need the cover and in many cases the policies were sold to people who could never qualify for a claim anyway, eg retired, self-employed, unemployed etc.
Also bad backs and stress ” the main two reasons for being off work ” are usually always excluded from the contract.

Some of the major banks have already been fined for mis-selling
It is estimated that over £10 Billion of policies have been sold and as many
as 30 million policy holders may have a claim for compensation.

Some instances of mis-selling include
• You were told you had to take out PPI in order to get the loan or product.
• You were pressured into buying PPI.
• You were not informed you could buy PPI from an independent Provider 80% cheaper.
• You were NOT told about any exclusion’s.
• You were not asked whether you already had sufficient Insurance cover.

What can Payment Protection Refunds do for you?
Payment Protection refunds will establish whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation.

We will submit the matter to our legal team, who on acceptance of the claim, will complete
a thorough investigation and handle the process all the way through to a conclusion.

It is Payment Protection Refunds intention to claim back interest charged by the Provider on the PPI contract
and also to apply an 8% compensatory interest on the amount covered.

No Win No Fee
The only occasion where charges would apply is if the contract in cancelled by the client after the 14 day ‘cooling off’
period when the work has been carried out by PPR in accordance with the terms of our agreement. The amount charged
will be calculated, taking into account the volume of work already completed and will include costs associated with
marketing, stationery and staffing expenses up to and including the full cost of a successful claim.

For example a contract cancelled when all preparatory work has been done and a response awaited from the Provider
will be charged at the full amount of 25% +VAT of the expected or agreed amount.

Our fee is charged on a successful claim on the total amount of refund obtained. This also applies where an account
is in arrears. the amount taken to repay arrears would be charged at 25% + VAT of the amount.
If you wish to make a claim, complete the Start Your Claim form and submit and then you will have the option to
either download the necessary documents or you can request that we post them out to you. On their return we will proceed
with the first stage of your complaint..

If you are unsure whether you have a claim call us free on 0800 0437 087 to discuss with one of our claim handlers.