PPI Claims on behalf of a deceased spouse.

A common question circulating around the PPI world is one where experts are being asked whether or not an individual is allowed to make a PPI claim for a spouse after they have passed away. This is not easily answered as the claims handler is required to have specific and important details of the client. There are a number of issues which need to be covered in order to have a valid claim.

To begin with, the lender is only required to keep your files and records for six years. You may ask the lender to keep the records for a longer period of time and they shouldn’t have a problem with this, but this isn’t the case with all lenders. For this to happen, you will need to present your own paperwork to show the terms and conditions of the payment protection policy that you have filed for.

Next on the agenda is to prove that your spouse shouldn’t have purchased the PPI in question to begin with. This is the most difficult stage as it is hard to prove what your spouse’s intentions were without being able to make contact with them. You will have to find some solid evidence which shows your spouse didn’t actually want to purchase the payment protection insurance.

To actually file a PPI claim on behalf of a spouse who has passed away is an easy process, claiming successfully without the correct evidence is very difficult though. The best option you have is to find any records about your spouse’s PPI policy in order to maximise your chance of being successful with the claim. And the sooner you make the claim the greater chance there is that the lender will still have the relevant files on record.

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About Payment Protection Refunds: Payment Protection Refunds are a dedicated team of experts who can handle the refund claims in payment protection insurance policies. With only a small fee of 20% +VAT, Payment Protection Refunds are one of the UKs leading claims management companies.

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